I wanted to travel the world and write so, I joined the Army. I went in as a photojournalist and 6 years later, I  left with a bitter taste for life. I put down my pen and my camera and learned how to work on cars and motorcycles, as well as learning how to weld.

After another 6 years, I picked up my pen and camera, dusted them off and jumped on a plane, leaving my cushy NYC Job and apartment for a more inept view of the natural things in life. I haven’t looked back since and my pen has gotten me further than any device I have ever used in my life – well, at this point, it is a laptop but you get the point.

My longing for adventure and nature overrode societies need to drive me into some systematic program of living for work.  I not only jumped on a plane, I jumped at the chance to become the writer I have always wanted to become.

I started finding inspiration in the leaves and in the trees and the beaches I would sunbathe in. I found myself exploring the very space around me. Everything started to pop and I knew it was time for me to get deep. I bought a one-way ticket to Costa Rica and it has become my haven for everything writing, a true muse in life.  It is my sanctuary and my inspiration for traveling, nature and love.


So what do I do? Travel~Inspire~love

I write – currently working on two books. I wonder, I photograph and I want to learn to sing. I started pimping myself out to sites like Textbroker and Contenta at first but I knew I was better. I needed to get the rust off my nails and learn some trade tricks. It had been six years and I knew no one wanted to just read about how I found myself again. I wanted to take all the inspiration I was getting and share it.  However,  I needed to learn how!

I currently contract as a freelance writer and run a little business selling vintage clothing and other used fashion, which you can check out @bubbaloovintagemarket on IG – I like to reduce, reuse and recycle. WE only have one planet and I wanna help my momma out – she is the air I breathe, literally.

I was able to use those platforms to get new lingo, see what other people were doing, explore other blogs and ideas, and learn what the heck an SEO was. I had the AP style from the 90s and I needed an upgrade.

Now I travel, sometimes with my spouse. I inspire people to write and find their niche in life. And, I love. I love life to the fullest. I live for watching hummingbirds nest in the guava flowers; I love the veins that run through leaves laying on the river banks; I hold dear the songs of the monkeys as they tear through mango trees. I live for nature and I love to write.


What about you?

My goal is to get inspiration from everywhere and share. I am pretty much a Jacqueline of all trades and can write about almost anything. I am here to help those who are interested in finding their inspiration. I want to travel, to share. Maybe you want a page written about socks. Maybe you want to know more about Mexico City. Maybe you’re just into reading awesome material about traveling and dancing under the Milkyway. Moreover, maybe you love photography and nature, I got plenty of that to share and would love to discuss my techniques.

Whatever your reason for visiting my site, I am glad that you did.  I am here to Travel, Inspire and Love. I am here to be hired as well. Do not be nervous or scared to contact me for anything. Maybe what you see here you like but it isn’t the niche you’re looking for, try me. I can almost guarantee I will create content you will enjoy and love. I will never steer you wrong.

I am especially interested in finding places that are unique and vintage and full of history that we do not see daily. I am into adventuring into a place to review and share the best and worst of it. Like a well-balanced relationship, I am in for the good, the bad and the ugly – the morning yawn. Hidden gems in a not so hidden world, that is where I want to be.  So, let’s go!