Serving Truth Breakfast In Bed

It’s colonial!  The rest of the world is stuck in some sick demented time loop where history is current events at all times because they aren’t telling us the truth and the lies are in the history books they force us to follow in school prisons.

Once the truth is actually present and available for viewing and everyone is willing to accept it, then everyone will be set free. But, until then, it’s just gonna keep happening. Within the conscious mind, the only way to be set free from self-persecution is to accept the truth and move on.

So why would that not apply to the unconscious mind? It does! Small mind or big mind; open mind or closed mind, we are all connected. However, as we awaken, the population grows and drowns out our cries of truth while the sheep are bred.

If I were larger, I’d bear hug the world until the mayhem squirted right out and all that was left was the vulnerable truth and then, I’d let it rest and bring it breakfast in bed.

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