La Casa

Over the past few days I have been typing my little fingers off trying to get some extra money. I have so many wonderful things that I want to do to this little house and this big ole’ yard. I’ve found a slight balance though with the home work and the house work. My internet only works in one tree out front. It works damn well too. Totaly bizarre, but great, I walked around and up and down all over within distance of functionability, arms raised, posing as an antena. Took me 5 days to find that spot. And so I charge the router up, put it in its favorite tree and come in and blast off into the web. Researching and “thoughting” away on items I’ve never seen or heard of. Then the router dies. So, I bring her in, plug her up, and give my undevided attention to the house.

I’ve posted the house on air bnb. But, after talking to a friend, I realized I need to put some love into this place if I am going to make it a haven.

I was a little worried about putting too many pictures of the house on bnb in its current state. It is a work in progress and very minimal, but clean.

I am currently working on the yard in the mornings and I go inside when the sun starts blazing and try to do some stuff in there. My Internet finaly went out today so I spent the whole day working some functionability into my room. Ive been spending so much time on everything else my clothes and shit was strewn all about. I also managed to make 2 small green houses for some starter hebs and chilis. I made them out of plastic, tape, twigs, and paper egg crates. They are stunning! I also have a little twig of some extremely floral oregano meding in my hikaro bowl.

Everything I am making is “for now”. Im making this turd a home. I want to design and build everything myself and that takes time! I have sooooo many crazy ideas running through this bed head of mine and I am going to take my sweet ass time getting them all out. I found that once I started creating what was in my head and completely destroying those ideas, better and easier ideas have been evolving out of it. Its a lot of fun.

In the mornings I have been getting up around 6 and working my way down the slope of pantano trees. I’ve cut down a lot of the really large ones and using their trunks as lines for beds

You can’t really scale from the photos, but the yard is quite large. The little box in the back right is for chickens. I wanna get a few and use them to turn the soil. Looking into a little chiken tractor action. That box will grow as long as those hens keep me full up on eggs. Fresh eggs are a faveorite of mine.

April 7 update.

Well today my Neanderthal decided to leave the gate open and the cows got in again! Uhgg ate all the plantain trees. I tried to get them out but failed misserably. And last night i gave them a free photo shoot! Bastards

We shall see how things go. Cutting bamboo tomorrow to build some sort of rain break for monsoon season. The wind whips up here so I predict, without a break, i might as well take the roof off the house. Ill keep you posted

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