Exploring Ajna’s Perception

The days are like a dream really. I did  Ajna Yoga on the beach with strangers and Daisy yesterday. It was great. The sun kissed our skins as we focussed and let out with intention.

I needed to make more room for the sun. That is always a good Idea.


This Yoga was concentrated on opening the pineal gland. I wonder if they have a lot of fluoride in the water here? Chlorine, I know they do. I’ll have to look into that.

Anyway, I really relaxed and concentrated on my forehead. I could see the geometric shapes. As soon as I let go and really concentrated, there was that star mist again. I mean I am seeing it with my eyes open. It is interesting. It’s clarity. I am slightly aware of two parts of my being.

We were on the beach so I took a moment to block the sun with my upper arm as I was laying on my back.

In the darkness and quick release of the heat from the direct sun, I saw blue squares changing shape like a mobile grid plane in outer space. You know most people would think I was crazy if I said this shit out loud.

But why? Why is it insane to see other perspectives within the mind? Creating your space and enjoying the life of it all. The horizon gets broader and broader, stretching far beyond any visual boundary.

The ocean has taught me a lot about this kind of thought over the years. I feel one of the most important things it has taught me is stillness. It is still. It sits, the earth is what is moving, which in return makes the water pull.

I feel if the water can be grounded in all its fluidity, I can too!. Hell, I am 70% water and those parts that are matter are 70% water.

Think about it … We are water balloons. And we are about to get dropped on someone’s head in the summer. You never know what part we are playing in the grand aspects.

Are we a grain of sand in a heel print on the beach to be carried away later? Or are we the tip of the hair on a buffalo in Winter, cold yet warming… taking the brunt of all the frigid cold for the warmth of the skin of the beast, only to be shed in the Summer.

Who cares… From day to day we can choose and that is our fluidity. We, as humans, are aware of what we are and therefore can really create whichever reality we want on a very basic level; good or bad. I have been a million sunsets. I have been a hundred misty drops of rain, washing away the dust from the breeze I was 5 days ago.

I have been on such a positive path for the past year. I have held onto the lessons I have learned to implement into my daily life. I have been accepting and releasing. The beginning of 2107 a mentor of mine looked at me in a very vulnerable state and whispered the words, “Let go of that which does not serve you and everything else will fall into place.”

Extremely life changing in the moment.  In all of it, a lesson of gratitude and true love was born. The love of myself. I found that the inside world of people labeling things, giving thanks to things that live, such as the sun and stars and Universe, is labeled worshiping. I do not worship anything, I am, however, grateful for it all.

I took my arm off my face and realized everyone was in “Happy Baby”. I was in a booty bathing suit. I giggled and just pulled my legs in for a stretch, breathing out as I squeezed deeper. The sun was now in an intimate kiss with my skin. Luckily, the yogi stopped a little early. As much as I love that big orange ball, he can be quite intense.

Speck of Sand

We wrapped up. Daisy and I went up in the palms, arranged our hammocks and took turns taking a dip in the ocean. The low tide and the morning air with just the touch of midday heat were magical. My little goosey bumps were welcoming and the water was cleansing as that last bit of intention was washed away with the rocking of the water. And in that moment, I was that speck of sand washing out from the footprint to become part of an even bigger 70%. Possibly traveling to another footprint in another land. I am that connection.


Side Note: After I wrote this I went and looked up Anja. The 3rd eye Chakra. WEll, I’ll be damned if what I was explaining I was going through isn’t a darn description all the way to the colors that presented themselves. HA! I am definitely not making these things up. Love the skin I am in! Brain and heart flowing with a Universal vibration! Feels incredible.

As you unfold the petals of your third eye chakra, you begin to recognize patterns. You can see where you have been, where you are stuck, and where you are going.


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