Late Nighty Night Bubblaoo Snack from Groupon

I opened my old Yahoo account, as I do on rare occasion. The second message was from and the title was NYC Chocolate Brazillian Wax.

So we all know what a Brazilian wax is? I did it once, Holy Mother of God! I almost roundhoused kicked the lady doing it from the awkward happy baby pose I was holding with the utmost intention and anxiety -it is just an awkward position naked.

This was in order for her to reach them no no spots… I call them this because, NO! NO! NOPE!, to that ever happening again. I think she is secretly taking peoples taints and butt-hole parts after she rips them off and stockpiling them in her secret but-hole bunker.

She was NOT taking things easy down there at all!

“Oh! You hairy,” she commented..

Uh, ya.. hair is there for a reason lady. The sad part though, I trimmed it before I went in. Who knew, I have a hairy asshole.
But a chocolate? I might just have to try. I mean, do I get to keep the chocolate in a bag and keep it in the fridge and pull it out to show my friends, share??

My little fuzzy chocolate starfish; can that be in the same category as sea monkeys? I would take that shit and pay for some ice mail and send it to my ex with a nice note.

Is it 70% cacao? Do we have options, liiiike…

white chocolate, cookies N cream, peanut butter filling? Oooo. Brazillian Chocolate Truffles, please!

It says its great for sensitive skin… Doesn’t Chocolate aid Acne.. oh wait that was a lie.. Damn, that would take chafing to a whole other level.

“Ya so I got acne on my taint area due to this new Chocolate Brazillian.. but its supposed to thin the hair after a while, looking forward to that!”
A Chocolate Brazillian Wax. Well, I’ll be damned. That’s a thing! Go ahead Groupon, entertain me more.


Almost forgot, to make it even more delicious! This is their photo for the Coupon…

I’m just gonna leave that there to think about!


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