Captivate Myself in Love

It’s hard to see anyone else in a way other than the way they see themselves. And when those reflections of themselves bounce back at you, when you look into them and see what you see, remember that they are seeing the reflection of you as you see you as well. Captivate yourself in the presence of love when you are able to make yourself aware of this. It’s a cycle that can venture in a million positive directions. Mirrors reflecting back at one another make doorways into what is already there for us to know. Judging ourselves and lacking love for ourselves are the proverbial stone. These stones can ricochet, creating fractures in our panes, or others.

I get these thoughts. Not a bad place to lose oneself. I have conversations with my friends on these matters. I have one friend who I have had the pleasure of bonding with lately over writing and she really gets me going. Her lazy daisy attitude, cushioned in smiles and soft lines that tell a story in every word, keep me charmed and in the present. In other words, she gets my attention and keeps it. She always tells me that she just wants to put the love out there no matter what. It is a way for her to remind herself how much love she is worth. And then she takes another hit with Mary Jane, looks into the air as if what to think about next, but not thinking at all.

If we are only a reflection of what we see in others, I want to reflect love as well. The concept is genius and has captivated me in this moment, and this is where I want to stay. Each day is fresh and new. Nothing keeping me down from the past and nothing making me anxious about the future. I breathe every breath in and out, aware of the moment in its greatness. Heaven is in the moment. It is all we have. When we get lost in the Hell of then and when we aren’t really living, we are dreaming. So when you see someone for who they are you are also seeing parts of you. Pass the love along and you will see a greatness! You will be a reflection of all the love around you!

via Daily Prompt: Captivating


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