I find my soul aching to disconnect from everything besides him and nature. It shows me a house in a field with fruit trees. The house is round and made of pale, aged wood planks. There are windows that shape out to let light into the house at just the right angles for growth and photos.

The fruit trees stretch with love and shade. I can hear the river in the palms that speckle the mountainside. We have fresh river water, but limited electricity. I only need it to send in my writings about living free and organic and healing. I see a little Hubert attached to me as I pick a salad from our garden to go with dinner. The air is fresh and warm.

I am love and happiness. I meditate daily in this space. I am always reminding myself of this so that when I step back into Babylon, I am able to shine out to others and help them with just a smile.

I now know that this is possible because nothing is unique. I know that nothing is individual. I know now that I must expand past this wall of thought projected into me from all angles. And project my love unto those I cross paths with. Wheather I’m shopping or walking down the street. I see where the change lies now.

Every moment of awareness is the first step. Because if we live in the moment, every step is the first.

~ Me

“No being’s consciousness is unique. We’re all the same reflective mirrors absorbing the same world around us.”

I read this today. The whole post is amazing. It is my dad’s birthday today as well. First one after his death. The day was filled with bad news and internal nagging. I cried a lot. However, my love helped me through even though I was cold and separate. He didn’t stop pushing his love for me. After I let my ego go and my emotions subsided ( aka: temper tantrum), I couldn’t help but love him back. I stare into his eyes sometimes to feel his soul and it stares right back. It doesn’t judge me and it doesn’t hide. His eyes gaze at me with a love and patience I have never accepted from anyone. He has limits with me. He doesn’t enable anything but the good in me. I am extremely grateful for this and scream thanks to the Universe for him and the space he allows for me to heal when i lose consciousness. In every moment I am allowed to just be. As long as it is not destructive. In which case he helps correct what he may find fault. He shares growth and understanding. Wanting to share in every moment his space with me. Thanks, Universe.., I am grateful. And I will continue to connect. Through every fault, I will take it as a moment of success to the next level. A distraction so that I can make the first step again. I look forward to my higher consciousness. And my real life, not the one big brother designed.


  1. I apologize for not remembering this when you called I wish I could have consoled you in stead of worrying about a dam car. lol I love you sweetie and hope to see you soon! mum

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