AANND I’m Back!

I have internet once again. I was able to go through some of my photos that I have been taking over the past couple of months. Following are a few of the ones that I like. It is amazing how much can happen in such a little burst of time. Spending a lot of time concentrating on my self and my healing. Accepting things and ridding myself of other things has been a little challenging. However, I no longer have that anxiety of ” I have something to do.. I have something to do” yes I do, whatever the fuck I want. And it is great. And as you can see I have been taking a lot of photos. there are many more but I will go through them all eventually and post accordingly. I will be heading to Mexico city next week. My try my handle on a little travel blog action if given the right circumstances.

Cheers for now and I look forward to getting back into sharing with every one and exploring my more fancy and inspiring blogs.






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