Monkeys and Mangoes

Mid afternoon on Sunday I was doing my volunteer duties here at the Hostel Matilori. I was in the middle of cleaning the bathroom, when I heard what sounded like a man jumping on the roof. It is made of tin, so everything that touches it is amplified. I go outside to see who might be trying to get in through the roof in the middle of the day. To my surprise, there were around 6 to 7 howler monkeys scavenging the mango trees for the fruit. I had never been so close. I was more than excited. I ran back in and tossed my camera equipment around frantically trying to adjust the old FA lens to the adapter to my new digital Sony. I always have a problem missing shots because of the time it takes to get prepared. I am never prepared when the time comes.

This time was different. They were hungry and they were staying for brunch and a siesta! I climbed into the laundry sink outside for some shots. I also jumped up on the huge teak table in the common area outside. I was embracing my inner monkey to get as close as I could.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did taking them. I am super duper proud of a couple of these. Some are just in there because they are definitely good shots, just not as clear as I prefer. Adjusting the old lenses to this camera is a little iffy for me, but I think I get it for the most part. I also have to think extra hard because the pictures do not come out the way they show on the screen. Also, I do not have a editing tool. I mean, I have the computer editor, but it is not a real deal editor. Super Basic… but all the better for me to learn I think.


Enjoy! And please comment; I like to know what y’all think for sure!

Cheers from Playa de Samara!

One comment

  1. There were a couple of “Keeper” pics in the Monkeys and Mangoes bunch! But I just generally like Monkeys! Hell I used to watch the TV Show with Davey Jones heading up “The Monkees”! Sometimes, well actually fairly regularly, Patti even calls me “Monkey Boy”! Not sure why. Well, I am sure why, but I ain’t sayin’ here! Love You baby!❤️😘❤️


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