Nighty Night Bubbaloo #4

The questions we ask ourselves when we are fearful.

“What’s there? On the otherside?”

On the otherside of fear. 

Their is a freedom I am longing for. Procrastinating my true happiness. Jumping into myself. Like this child. Ready to wonder, yet cautious of the rocks and the unkown. Crystal clear the waters are, yet not being able to see past the reflection, the distorted vew of myself. 

I have created my own fear. Combating my loss of confidence. My heart break is still on the mend and I sometimes wonder why I couldn’t have just skipped all that and just made it to the rocks without all of this. 

This extreme emotion brought me back to the water. 

It showed me so much love as I strolled through its salty embrace. Cleansing me. Opening me up. Complete distraction. 

I could feel its pull. I kept losing myself in the sea. 

I truly just want to stay in that loss of reality. That trance of Posieden. The youthfulness surrounding every corner. A lurking memory of myself when I was free. 

I want to be free. I want to sing on the beach at night. Out of tune and all but alone. 

No fear. No thoughts taking me away from the moment. No manufactured love emotions. Just loving myself. And all that comes with it in that moment. That moment without fear.

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