Sunset Stroll

After Leaving Samara Sunday, I arrived at the bus terminal and had no idea that I was going to be stuck with no bus really going my way once I was in Nicoya. I know how to walk. It would have took me 2 hours; I was prepared.

I walked up to the window for the San Jose bus tickets. The guy that I wrote about previously was there. So damn cute! Smiled real big and gave me a “buenas dias!”

I blushed. I tried to communicate my situation. He ended up letting me use the phone to call Julie so she could tell him exactly where the Finca was. He hooked me up with one of the drivers, and saved me 2 hours and 25$. Hero status. I gave him my email in hopes to hear back; friends ya know. I fumbled the paper in the window like a goof ball and in my broken Spanish “para ti! gracias parra mi favour!, HAblando?”. WAY OFF good job Gabby. he had a slight smirk on his face; not of judgment but more so of amusement. I felt childish and just walked away with my tail tucked. I was definitely the weirdo here.

He told me to wait till everyone boarded to get on, then sit in the front. We pulled out and were on our way to San Jose. Kind OF. The driver dropped me off at the bottom of the hill about 1 mile from the Finca. The sun was set in the sky at about 5 pm and with the mountains, you could really see the setting. The lighting was perfect and would continue to get better as I walked home. SO Enjoy!!! This is what I saw on my stroll.


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