Friday Market with a side of “Ceeveechee”

Friday we all went to the market in Nicoya where Kris and Julia do their weekly shopping for produce. It was located in a tucked away lot, aka “The Square”, that housed the local Bus station and many other little bodegas and local eats. It was here that I realized how horrible my Spanish truly was. I am working on it. I did, however, get the freshest ripest pineapple I have ever had the pleasure to hold in my tiny little hands. You would have thought I had struck gold. The market smelled sweet ad ripe and was bursting with colors. It seems everything is in season here. The tomatoes were plump and juicy and the fresh made queso fresco was a perfect bite of salt and curd to add too them.

After we did the market shopping, Julie and Jim went to one of the little bodegas to get their lottery fix. I walked around and just took in all the local regalia. People were having their morning café con leche and breakfast. The bold Costa Rican roast was pungent and crept into your senses. You could hear the chatter as everyone was buying and selling and discussing last weeks gossip. The vintage busses grumbled and squeaked in and out of the tiny lot with a buoyant like precision, as people were being taken away to their destinations. Little baby ducklings chirped in their cages while they climbed and tumbled over one another. I just couldn’t get enough of the simplicity of all the chaos. I could have sat for hours watching.

We headed back to the Finca to drop off our leafy luggage before heading to Rafis. Rafi’s is the local ceviche joint around the corner. Actually it is Rafi’s 1. Apparently, some guy named Rafi started selling his ceviche, or as Kris calls it “ceveechee”, out of the back of his car in the early 2000’s. It became so popular that he now has numerous restaurants in the Guanacaste province.  His menu also has ribs, pescado and chicken. Everything is made to order. I tried the ceviche Mundo; conk, tilapia and shrimp. It was ok. I could’ve survived without the tilapia. Next time I’m going to go for the pescado or ribs.

So, when we do the outings, that is our day. We came home busting at the seems and a little sluggish due to the heat. Everyone was ready for a siesta. We went our ways and the rest of the day was quiet and relaxing. Just a crow of the chicken here and there. Friday Siestas! Def my new thing!

Ciao for now!


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