Nighty night Bubbaloo #2 

Tonight is a little quiet. No photos tonight. The atmosphere seems to be holding some vibrations from other places. Spirits are in the jungle tonight. I feel them. They aren’t clear. But they are here. Although their is a separation from the world, we are all connected to the whole living, breathing planet.

Does any one feel weird tonight. The earth is not becoming smaller we are becoming too much.

The monkeys didn’t howl tonight. The crickets are quieter. There is a solemn breeze. Not sure what is happening, but I know the trees do, the air does, it is what connects us. So it tells me. The trees are the wires planted deep that feed off the air we breath. And the messages are sent by a passing wind to those who accept it. You dont need intetnet to feel the void. You need spiritual maintenance to fill the void.

I want to listen to what they have to say tonight. I feel, here is a place spirits rest. I just realized it. I want to pay attention to what they have to say.
Good night from Guasnacaste!

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