Good Night Bubbaloo #1

As the sun was setting here in Guanacaste, the howler monkeys were telling me goodnight. Their deep, bassy intonations make me giddy like a child. I picture myself walking through the jungle with them as they tell me passed down stories of tree top visions. We become friends and meet for termite lunches followed by tree limb sunbathing.

The wind tickles my skin as I breath the night air and just take it all in. The crickets and frogs and geckos form an orchestra; E minor Le-toads lazee dayz. It is calming and helps me realize I am not alone and there is always life to be aware of other than my own.

The still, midnight-blue painted by the complete  set sun creates the perfect back drop for a topiary silhouette.

The hens have went to bed. Oh how I dread the Cocka-doodle-doo monster in the morning. Ole Brewster the Rooster and I will have words! But, he always wins.

It’s the small things here at Finca los Brazos that create this mosaic imagination. Its peaceful and calm yet exciting and andventurous. I get to choose!  What kind of moment am I in? Depends on how I wanna feel!

Buenos Noches from Guanacaste!