Just Making Things Better than the Day Before.

I threw 15 bags into the Goodwill bin. Sold my beloved motorcycles. I quit my very impressive job; aka career. I thought all the trade schooling I had done was for that job actually. The Universe had other plans in mind though. And I was ok with that. 5 months later I packed a bag and jumped on a plane to Costa Rica. I’m not going to bore you with the drama and the in between here and then (it’s a typical break-up story, BORING). Did I think it through? Nope! I didn’t need to. And I am better for it. Everything just seemed to fall into place and I took it.

I wanna talk about now!



So here I am. I have been here since Sunday. It’s a lot of land. Very rustic living. The air is hot but welcoming; fresh. The owners, Kris and Julia, are quite the characters. Their love for one another is deep. It shows in every move they make. This is their world. It’s beautiful to watch and carries a glimpse of hope in it for whoever may witnesses it.

Kris is from Texas, she is simple. Her country twang caught me right away. Reminded me of some family back in NC. I knew she weren’t from around these parts. We seem to have a lot in common, character wise. She picked me to come here and help due to my trade. She wants me to weld her up some things, as well as teach her how to use this beast of a stick welder she has. She likes things a certain way and it is interesting to watch her stubbornness. But it’s good, she’s aware of it and you can feel her temperament change from second to second as she is steady at reminding herself to just be and let it go! I feel that Julia has helped with that 🙂

Julia. Well, it took me a minute to pin her and I am sure there are many layers yet to be shown. She is magical. She glides around like a breeze. Like a living Zelda Fitzgerald story. She is a metaphor. She loves her space. She doesn’t accept entrance into it easily, and she is a lady it seems. She speaks many languages, but carries her words in a proper British accent. She described herself to me as ‘loving’ and ‘a deliverer of smiles’. She is the lady of the house. A perfect balance to the her stubborn thoroughbred American partner. Her morning routine is hers. She feeds the Parrots and sick fowl, then follows up with the domesticated animals; the dogs and cats. Their is no shortage of animals here on Finca los Brazos. I like watching her. She seems at such peace. But I feel their are stories to be told.

Finca los Brazos is their 120+ acre animal sanctuary here in the Guanacaste province. The driveway is about 500 meters and has a couple houses you pass on the way in. On one side of the drive, there is a pasture with cattle. To the right are Plantain trees and wild papaya. When you enter the iron gate, all you see is the jungle and a riverbed to the right. Pulling up you are greeted by ducks and chickens and dogs and cats and, well ANIMALS.

There is a storybook pond in the front that has been taken over by duckweed. It is deceiving as if you could walk across. They have 2 shipping containers. The first one has been built into a bathroom and kitchen with sliding glass doors and windows. This was the first home they lived in when they moved to the land. It now leads to there house on the hill. They have a copious amount of plants and citrus trees up there surrounding their moss green, clay hacienda. It is stilted in the front and is gated in to keep the dogs maintained. During the hot days, you can see the chickens and dogs scattered amongst the cool dirt, which has been protected from the heat of the sun.

Across the lot is a barn where the chickens bed down at night.  Not sure they do much sleeping because the damn roosters are in constant cock-a-doddle-doo battles. It never stops! I stay in the top, loft area of that barn. It is quite large and completely open.

I sleep on a little-broken bed. I store my things on an old wooden park type bench right next to the bed. I share the space with an older Australian gentleman named Jim. He loves basketball and is just pleasant to listen too. He is a funny man, with a lot to say about his adventures and politics. He’s knowledgeable. Little things make him happy. And he works his ass off. He always comes in for lunch looking as if he just crawled out of the pond. He has seemingly perfect short gray hair. His eyes are deep blue and they are set back. His tall, skinny frame reminds me of a mantis. And he eats enough for 3.

The space needs work but is functional. And that is why I am here. To assist in making the space more functional. I am eager to get started and looking forward to sharing more as the time passes. I start some welding projects next week. This week was for settling in and really just seeing where I needed to start. There is a lot to do. However, the patience is high and the days are relaxed and paced. No one is in a hurry and we just seem to all be living in the now. The only daily plans are to make things better than they were the day before. No trains screaming by. No angry driver honking and cursing. No anxiety. No distractions. Just calmness and true character. A true Pura Vida lifestyle.

And if this is what the Universe has in mind, then in the moment I will live!


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